Modern commuters and travelers deserve better traffic systems

As city populations grow, so does car ownership and the burdens on urban traffic systems. Secure Digital Limited adds a new level of visibility and intelligence to modern traffic systems, keeping everyone moving safely while helping authorities carry out optimal traffic planning and management through multidimensional perception, AI-powered edge computing, and data aggregation, association, and visualization in the back end.

Rethink road safety

We provide smart precautions to regulate driving practices and improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians, covering scores of scenarios to improve awareness and create a fluid traffic environment.

Reshape traffic flow

We help authorities and drivers plan ahead to minimize congestion and accidents by analyzing live data generated from an intelligent IoT network that integrates cameras and sensors tailored for outdoor applications.

Redefine data efficiency

We enable real-time access to all sorts of traffic data such as vehicle speeds, space and time headway, and queue length, facilitating well-informed decision making through instant data analytics.